How do I ________? (Fill in virtually anything).

Please watch the orientation video. Yes, it's 26 minutes long. But when you are done, you will save 100x that in proper use of the system. The crazy hack of knowledge. I have over 400k followers on Twitter. Social Jukebox makes it much easier. But some effort is still required if you want stellar results. Check out the orientation video here.

Do my posts go out in the order I enter them?

No. Jukebox posts go out in a random sequence. For those seeking greater precision, we’d recommend using targeted posts.

What if I want to post my own content?

That’s what the system is designed to do. The original free quote jukebox is the equivalent of a mannequin. It’s to help people visualize the functionality of the system. The content in the library is there to give you some supplemental content for times when you’re too busy to create or curate your own. But we encourage you to fill your jukeboxes with your own unique mix.

Why don’t you have automated retweets?

Twitter’s terms and conditions specifically prohibit automatic retweets. However, we do allow you to place retweets into a jukebox using our Chrome extension, so they can go out over time. This is actually a bit safer since you get to see what you are retweeting before it hit your feed.

When I try to login it takes me to the wrong account, what’s gone wrong?

The social logins use browser data to guide you into the system. You must be logged in to the account you want to access, and for multi-account systems, it must be the master account. If it still won’t let you in, clear the cache on your browser and try again. The latter is 99.99% effective.

I’m getting “duplicate tweet” messages, what’s wrong?

These messages are from Twitter, not us. They have some unwritten rules about tweeting similar posts and what constitutes an acceptable period of time between them. As a general guideline, if your posts are being rejected, you should at least double the amount of time in your posting frequency.

The authorization says that you’ll read my DMs/private posts/etc.... Why?

We do not read, access, mine or otherwise utilize your private information. Social Media sites often give “blanket” permissions that are not utilized.

I don’t understand the Social Jukebox system can you give me a tutorial?

There is a (slightly rough) tutorial video here. To get started, we'd highly recommend you have a look.

I just signed in and I can't locate my accounts or subaccounts from Tweet Jukebox, are they gone?

No, they have to be linked to your master account so the system will know where to find the data to transfer over. If you login with a "subaccount" before your master account, we'll need to delete that from the new platform, and have you link it again. The latter is a manual process. Please contact me at to reset your account.

Why are there "red dots" on many of my jukeboxes?

They are warnings that you have posts which are going out at roughly the same time. However, your posts will continue to go out. An easy remedy for this is to use auto schedule to set up posting to all your active jukeboxes. It will ensure you don't have conflicts in your schedule automatically.

How do I add my Facebook account and get it to post to a page? (or profile or group)

You must first link the account to your main (paid) account. Then you assign the Facebook entity (profile, page or group) in Options for each individual jukebox. If you'd like to see how that works, please watch this tutorial video here

How do I schedule my jukeboxes without having posts go out at the same time?

You can either use a daily calendar and calculate the times, based on frequencies, or you can use our auto-scheduling tool. It allows you to translated your desired posts per day into quick, easy conflict-free scheduling. You input your desired number of posts in total, or per jukebox, the days of the week you'd like to schedule for and the system does the rest. You'll get a great idea of how it works from this tutorial video here

Why can't I upgrade my plan? It keeps rejecting it.

In 99.9% of the cases, this is because you are attempting to change a monthly plan to an annual plan or an annual plan to monthly. The system won't allow that. You have to either upgrade within the subscription type, or cancel and start a new subscription. This results in no loss of data, just a little administrative work. If you need help, contact

How many posts do I get with a free account?

You get five posts daily on Twitter and one per day on Facebook and LinkedIn.

How do I change my payment method?

If you click on your username, you'll be able to access a menu which includes "My Settings". There you will find a payment tab where you can update the payment method as well as modify which method should be the default.

My jukeboxes are on, but my system isn't posting. What's wrong?

The most common reason is that turned off at the control panel located on the menu accessible by clicking on your username. (In the upper right hand corner of the screen) If you allow popups for Social Jukebox, you'll automatically be notified of this automatically when you login.

How do I link another account?

Firstly, you must have a paid account. If you do, you can use the linking tool located by clicking on your username. The linking tool the second item on the resulting menu. You can then switch accounts using the tool on the menu on the left side of the screen. You can check out the tutorial video here.

My jukebox is on. Why isn't it posting?

The most common cause for this is that the schedule for the jukebox hasn't been saved to the system. As a rule, if you do not see anything in the Visual Schedule, the schedule has not been successfully saved. A notification for this is being developed.

Thanks for taking the time to consider us. We appreciate it!


Tim Fargo, President, Social Jukebox